Bliss’s Adventure

(Malika, 11, writes about a cute little tooth fairy out on her first job.)

Image Credit: Flickr User wakefielddavid, via CC

Once upon a time in fairyland, there was a little tooth fairy named Bliss. Bliss was very happy. Today was her first day to go tooth hunting. Soon, she soon reached the human world. She didn’t know where to start! She hunted under each and every pillow of all the houses she could see. Finally, she found a tooth. It was under the pillow of an 8-year-old girl, Jasmine.

Bliss was very excited. But she was also scared. What if Jasmine didn’t like her gift? But she had already enquired with the other fairies. Boys liked cars and girls like fairy princess. So, Bliss waved her wand and out came a beautiful toy. She then tucked it under jasmine’s pillow and went searching for another boy or girl who might have lost their teeth.

But there was no one else. When she came out of the last house she searched, she saw a big creature looking at her with sharp teeth. It was a dog! Bliss started flying quickly but to her astonishment. The dog followed her, barking loudly! At first Bliss was very scared but then she remembered that she had to wave the wand. She quickly waved her wand, and she found herself safe and sound in her house on the fairy land.

Bliss would never forget her adventures in the human world on her first day, will she?

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