A Trip to Gujarat

(Kaavya, 12, shares the thrill she experienced while exploring Gujarat, a state in western India.)


Image Credit: Flickr User Emmanuel Dyan, via CC

Inspired by Amitabh Bachchan, the brand ambassador of Gujarat, I packed up to browse the western state. As my plane landed at Ahmedabad and as I stepped on the land of Gandhi ji and Sardar Patel, the soil, the air, the nature seemed to whisper in my ears. After setting at my relatives place, I was mustard keen to take up the state tour. In all, I visited Lothar, Kathiwar, Baruch, Khambhat which served as the port during ancient times. I witnessed the Arabian Sea saluting the land ruled by Guptas, Rashkutas, Pala and and Pratihara empire – Maratha. This land had been frequently ravaged by Mohammad of Gazni, Alauddin Khilji and during British Raj.

The black soil drained by Narmada, Tapi etc. here grows cotton and it was a memorable experience to visit the farms, to see Sabarmati Ashram where cotton formed thread and then fabric. I was mesmerized to see the village of Ananda, the home of Amul. I also visited Sanand, the home of Tata Nano; a diamond factory where diamonds are cut and polished.

Gujaratis are amiable, literate people, who have restored their culture and tradition while adapting the modernity’s of cyber age. There dhokla and pizza are shared on the same table. Narendra Modi has metarmorphosed the state’s destiny brought about quadruple progress. At Gir Forest, it was thrilling to see the Asiatic lion with family so closely. Alike any other urban hub of India, the old city is crammed while the colonies on the outer peripheries are spacious and preferred. The beauty and serenity of the Rann of Kutch has no parallel in the world. During a 10 day visit to temples, museums, historical sites et al. I could actually sense ‘Khushboo Gujarat ki.’


  1. This is cool!I got to know all about Gujarat in this article only!:)
    It is so informative that maybe I don’t need visit Gujarat at all

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