All Gone.. All Silent..

(Zeal writes an interesting poem.)

Panic, All gone

Image Credit: Pixabay User nemo,via CC

Doorbell ringing,
Heart beating,
Nothing working.
Running late,
Heart still beating,
Clock still ticking,
Hearing the stillness
of the stranger.
A tear drop,
Landing on my heart.
All gone.
All silent.


  1. Wow really nice poem!i noticed that you kept your word by writing more!THANK YOU,IT WAS FANTASTIC!please keep writing,and I’m one of your fans! :) ;) :D

    • Oh thank you so much Arusha! I finally have a fan club ;)
      And thanks again for commenting on my poem.

      waiting for your wonderful reply….


    • Thank you so much Kaavya!! Even your a great writer,I have read your GUJRATI article also!! :) ;)

    • Thank you so much!! I like poetry and will certainly keep my interest in poetry FOREVER. I learn poetry at my school and I also learn FRENCH.

      Thanks again,

  2. You write poems like your grandma! very nice! Even i used to write poems like these when i was your age Zeal, hope to get wonderful pieces of work like these!

    take care and pleae keep emailing me Zeal,

    your lovely grandma

    • Thank u grandma and I am soon coming to visit you! Yay! I am excited and will certainly keep emailing you.

      Lots of love

      Your grand daughter,

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