Amazing Facts About Our Body


  1. Human bone is 4 times stronger than the concrete. The thigh bone, Femur, which is also the largest bone of the body is even stronger than a steel bar of same size!!
  2. You grow taller while you are sleeping.
  3. Your stomach’s digestive juices have so much acid, that together they can melt metal. When you blush your stomach blushes too:)
  4. In half an hour, an average body produces enough heat to boil around 2 litres of water.
  5. You need your saliva in order to be able to taste. If you pat your mouth dry, you can’t taste anything.
  6. Your feet have 500,000 sweat glands. Can you imagine how much sweat they can produce? Eww!
  7. Your sneeze travels faster than your car, it can travel at 100mph.
  8. A single human blood cell jogs around your whole body in a minute.
  9. The fatter you get the newer blood vessels you make.
  10. Humans can’t breathe or swallow at the same time. Every other mammal can breathe while they eat. In fact, human infants are also able to do so.


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