Do Aliens Exist?

First of all, who are aliens? Do you know?

Well, people who live on Earth are called humans. Scientists say that there might be many more planets out there in the Universe. Aliens are believed to be those people who live on one of these planets, other than earth.

Aliens are also sometimes called ET -Extra Terrestrial meaning one belonging to some other territory (place). Aliens are known to ride these strange looking cars also called Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO).

A very few people claim that they have seen Aliens, but nobody knows for real if they exist or not. We have seen some funny and some scary cartoons of aliens but that is all a work of imagination.

So why don’t you let your imagination run wild and draw an alien. What can be more fun? You can make whatever you like, 5 legs or 12 wiggly eyes or purple wrinkled skin… No one to correct you, after all you are drawing an alien!!!

Do you remember Yip Yips, the aliens who landed on Sesame Street from Mars.They curiously looked at clocks, telephones and computers and always read “Earth Book” which has all the information about things on Earth.Here is a funny video of them:

Another fun bit:
On one of the lazy weekends, grab a DVD and watch this movie named “E.T”. It’s  a story of friendship between a 7yr old girl Gertie and her elder brother Elliot with an alien who accidentally gets left on planet earth. You would sure to love it !!


  1. HA HA HA HA HA HA! Its so funny and interesting!!!!!!!!

    Do you think any alien sightings which have been claimed true,really true?????

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