Earth had A Close Call


Two asteroids  ‘2012 XE54’ and ‘4179 Toutatis’ passed Earth really close.

Yesterday 2012 XE54, a small asteroid and 4179 Toutatis, a lumpy shaped asteroid, almost 3 miles (5 km) long passed  Earth. “4179 Toutatis” has passed Earth several times before, in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008. It is termed as a potentially hazardous object (PHO). PHOs are asteroids or comets with orbits that come within less than 4.6 million miles from Earth’s orbit.

What if they were to collide with Earth? What would we do then? Well, scientists are keeping and eye on these asteroids. In the future, Astronomers hope to have a spacecraft to intercept and change the path of these asteroids as they pass the Earth.

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