Firefly Squid

What is a firefly squid?

Firefly squid?  Is it a firefly or a squid? This is the firefly squid, also called the sparkling enope squid. The firefly squid gets its name from the flashing lights that resemble those of a firefly. How does the squid get all that light? Is it plugged in:) It actually gets all that light from  special light-producing organs called the photophores. Thousands of photophores are present on the squid’s body and and emit a deep blue light.

There are a lot of functions of the light shows from the photophores

  • These photophores are used to change the shape and the size of the squid to confuse the predators.
  • They attract tiny fishes that become the food of these squids.
  • They can be used to communicate with other firefly squids.

Sparkling-Firefly-Squid3 on the shore

Firefly squid are found in western Pacific Ocean spend their days at depths of about 1,200 feet (365 meters). During night they move  up to the surface to search for food before returning the the darkness below. They are famous for the amazing light show that occurs each year off the coast of Japan as millions of these tiny animals gather to spawn (lay eggs).

Firefly squid a delicacy in Japan

These squids are considered to be a delicacy in Japan.


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