Firefly – The Lightening Bugs !!

A firefly in the day might look like an ordinary beetle but Lo and behold !!
It is no ordinary creature!… It’s one of the most astonishing creations of nature.
Fireflies or Lightning bugs or Glow worms, as they are called, make light within their bodies.

Imagine if we could do that and switch ourselves on and off like a bulb ;) we would not need bulbs in the house !! WOW !!
But sadly, we can’t do that because we don’t have those special cells in our tummy that make light.
The cells inside firefly’s abdomen contain something very unique which is called Luciferin. As they breathe, the air mixes with the Luciferin and creates the glow of a firefly.

Firefly’s flashy style is not just to show off its beauty but has purpose too. The glow is its warning signal to its predator that it has a bitter taste. It is also a signal to make friends with other fireflies.

F.F.F ( Funny Firefly Facts)

  • Firefly is also called Lightning bugs or Glow worms but it is neither a fly, nor a bug nor a worm. It is a beetle !!
  • Frogs don’t seem to mind firefly’s bitter taste. They eat so many fireflies that they themselves begin to glow ;);) 
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