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Bugs That Don’t Bug – Insects

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Bugs. Pests. Insects. Ants crawling, flies sitting on food and mosquitoes buzzing in your ears. They are everywhere. You like to swat them, spray at them, shoo them away. What would you not do to get rid of them?

All insects start out as eggs, that hatch into larva. Now this larva keeps popping out of its old skin and growing again and again. This is repeated many times. Some larva looks like a young insect where as some look like a worm.

Many insects are bothersome and we think of them as pests. Moths eat cloth, whereas termites eat wood. If someone is eating your favourite shirt or your house it is certainly a pest, but remember that it does this in order to survive. Some insects can be very charming and helpful too.

Beautiful butterfly is not only a thing of beauty, it is very smart too. The ravishing, colourful patterns on its wings also work as a protection charm. No wonder it is called a beauty with brains. Praying mantis or walking stick, as they are often called are really funny looking insects.

Don’t we all love the sweet chirping colorful birds? They love to eat insects. Think what will happen if the insects disappear. The dear birds will disappear too.

Lady that is neither a lady or a bug  is gorgeous and helpful. It is a gardener’s pet because it eat pests. People the world over love them because they are a symbol of good luck.

If a gardener has an itsy bitsy spider guarding their garden, he is relaxed because the spider eats the pests but does not harm humans.

Insects like bees are very helpful in the process of pollination. Remember if there are no bees there will be no apples or honey!

We are all so afraid of mosquito bites, aren’t we? Well if you have dragonfly as your friend, you have no need to be afraid. Hovering and patrolling in the sky like a helicopter, they keep the mosquitoes in control by eating them.

Many countries particularly in South East Asia, Africa and South America eat bugs as delicacies. The bugs are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins. In fact, if more people switched to eating bugs they can save the world.

So you see that not all bugs are bugs, a lot of them are friends too.


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