Football UEFA Champions League 2012

The UEFA champions league is the main football competition of the men’s national football teams taken care by UEFA (the Union of European Football Associations). It is held every four years.Germany is the most successful team in the history of the tournament,

Famous football clubs that take part are FC Barcelona (Spain), Manchester United (England), Chelsea (England), Bayern Münich(Germany), Real Madrid (Spain), AC Milan (Italy) etc . These clubs sweat it out for weeks to win the prestigious title.

This year, Bayern Munich beat Real Madrid 3-1,to secure its place against Chelsea in the Champions League final.

Finals on May 19 will be exciting, Let’s see who takes home the championship this time.

Will keep you updated!

Till then play this:

Which club Lionel Messi plays for?
FC Barcelona.

Which club Cristiano Ronaldo plays for?
Real Madrid.

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