French Fries are Also Vegetable Right?

French Fries are vegetable.

Image Credit: Flickr User stuart_spivack, via CC


My son used to be a good eater until he was two years old. And then he just stopped eating vegetables. The older he got the bigger got the battle. The only vegetable that he liked was ‘French fries’. I tried everything – forcing, nagging and even bargaining. Nothing worked. Then I met a mother in the park who was a few years ahead of me in the mothering game.

Here are a few things that she suggested me.

  • Try to find some veggies that your kid likes – You will be surprised to see that if you stop forcing on them the vegetables that you think they should eat and try to find what they like, it will be quite a list. Offer them those as a start.
  • Practise before you preach – You should have a meal together where show them how much you love eating vegetables. I am sure they will also follow.
  • Ask for their help in cleaning vegetables – Make them clean the lettuce and deseed the peas. They will be much more excited at the dinner table as they would have a sense of accomplishment.
  • Innovate and make it funny-  Remember that you are dealing with kids. At the end of the day if you present it in a nice looking clown face or a sea monster they will gobble it up.
Worked for me like a charm :)


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