Fridge Magnets

(Little writer Esha, 11, fancies the Fridge Magnets)

Fridge magnets

Image Credit: Pixabay User kreativwerkstattfleury, via CC

Fridge magnets come from all over the globe,

People bring them as souvenirs with a lot of hope.

A mark of sweet memories of friendly faces,

They come from different places.

Different stories to be told

And the secrets unfold.

They come in myriad colors red blue and pink

Tell many tales without a blink

They do this all being  stuck on a fridge.

Not on a boat or a bridge.




  1. Why doesn’t anyone post new kinooze little writers’ posts? I quite miss them as they were so good and they put us kids in the limelight. Kinooze, PLEASE request all the little writers includind zeal, shash, kaavya, ayesha, esha, myself…. and all the other little writers I’ve not added but have counted in our category…. to continue putting new posts.
    That would be really, really nice.

    Thank you so much,
    your slightly regular- ish correspodent,

    • Now that its the summer hols I am sure that many people are going to try their best to write more stories (at least I am trying to:-)

  2. Nice poem… Ok, this is a very late time to comment but it’s great! I feel sad that I have outgrown kinooze! .. Or at least that’s how it seems

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