Fun At The Circus!

(This fun filled poem is penned by eight year old Arusha)


Image Credit: Flickr User Sister72, via CC

Once Goldie the dog was going to the circus with her owner Flora. When they boarded the big Yellow bus that took them to circus, Flora asked her mother,” Can I recite the poem that I composed?”

“Sure, dear!” said her mother.

Today I am going to the funny circus,
In a big Yellow bus.
There I meet a colourful clown,
And off it takes me to toy town.
There is a lion snarling dangerously!
But all the same it performs nicely.
All the animals acted well,
And every teddy wore a bell.
The rabbit on the rope is so merry,
And look at that –it is eating a berry.
I am in a huge tent house,
With a furry brown mouse !
Together we are having lots of fun,
Eating a yummy bun.
The yellow clown did gymnastics just then,
With more than a hundred men!!!

“Very good poem, Flora”, said mummy!  “Woof woof” barked Goldie, happily.


  1. Yeah I agree with everyone that this is amazingly creative and exceptionally good. Keep it up and continue writing up to this standard every time you write something Arusha. ;D

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