Happy Easter!!

Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Image Credit: Flickr User biblevector, via CC

Easter is a Christian festival and is celebrated by Christians all over the world. It is a very joyous time for them as according to Bible it is on this day, third day after crucification of Lord Jesus, that he reappeared in front of people. This is known as resurrection of Jesus Christ. It always falls on the Sunday after Good Friday.

Easter is celebrated across the world in many ways. People goto church in the morning and then families get together to have a feast in the afternoon. Easter eggs are very popular in most English speaking cultures. Easter eggs, shells of  hard-boiled eggs are painted and decorated and mysteriously hidden all over the house for children to look for them.

Easter eggs

Image Credit: Flickr User mollystevens, via CC

In some other traditions Easter Bunny delivers chocolate eggs or rabbits, and marshmallow chicks which children find waiting for them when they wake up.

So what are you up to this Easter?

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