Jack and the Tigers

(Story of a brave boy fighting with ferocious tigers, written by 7 year old Ritam)

Jack and the Tigers

Image Credit: Flickr User brainware3000, via CC

One day in a village far, far away, a baby boy was born. His parents named him Jack. His parents also told him a story of a tiger clan who used to terrorize this village. Soon Jack turned eight years old, and he wanted to explore the wilderness of the jungle.

One day, on a cold morning, he went to the market and bought a jacket, a pair of mittens, an umbrella and some boots. Carrying his stuff, he headed for the jungle. He came across the first tiger! The tiger wanted Jack’s umbrella. Frightened, he willingly gave his umbrella away. Then another tiger came the second tiger. He wanted Jack’s jacket.

By the time the fourth tiger arrived, Jack only had his boots to give away. Terrified that he could get eaten up next, he quickly hid himself behind a tree. However, when he peered out he was amazed by what happened next!

All the tigers became greedy and wanted what the other had!

They fought with each other, grabbing at their tails and spinning themselves round and round until they all ended up in a knot. Jack sensed his opportunity. Promising to untie them once he got home, he drove the embarrassed tigers into his village. The villagers wasted no time in caging them all and packing them off to the zoo.

Jack lived on to became a hero!


  1. I am very proud of you baby ! Keep the creativity flowing and fill us with many more of such enchanting stories. Great job! Well done!

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