King of Speed

(Shash, 11, describes what it is like to be a Cheetah in his poem)

The King of Speed

Image Credit: Pixabay User tpsdave,via CC

I’m the cheetah,
The king of speed,
I take care of my cubs,
A very good deed,
In a race,
I take the lead,
I keep my pace,
A very scarce breed,
I do not roar,
I growl fiercely,
I personally think,
It’s a very,very frightful growl indeed!


  1. Wow !!!!!!!!!!!! :) ;) :D
    Your vocabulary and literature is so good and it’s just wonderful so you must keep writing keep rocking FOREVER!and I suppose you must become an author or poet when you!anyway you are for Kinooze !!!!!
    Keep writing arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

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