Missing Sparrows

(Ayesha, 7, voices her concern about cute little sparrows that are disappearing fast.)

Missing Sparrows

Image Credit: Flickr User Marie Hale, via CC

I love to see house sparrows,
They stay in my bird house which is narrow,
I love to feed them with a sparrow spoon,
They come and rest in the afternoon,
I put an arrow on the bird house so that they would be safe from other birds,
But now there are very few sparrows left in the city as I heard,
Now no sparrow is coming to my bird house as city is becoming polluted and loud,
Let’s everybody join hand and make a bird house at every end.


  1. Ayesha the poem is awesome as is the thought. Thanks for making everyone aware of these missing sparrows. Very well written and i am proud of you….
    Your Popkins

  2. This is a lovely poem and a lovely thought to go with : ) I hope your bird house is full of sparrows : ) I have also seen so many sparrows when I was a kid and hardly see them any more

  3. hey Ayesha, a thoughtful piece of writing, would wish to see your bird house with lots of sparrows,really appreciate your concern. bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Very nice poem.. please share this with your school magzine they can publish in on world sparrow day (March 20th).. all the best and keep going with such a beautiful thoughts.

  5. Really good thought Ayesha!!!!!!!!
    It has been a long time since I saw a sparrow
    I really appreciate your concern
    Kaavya didi

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