Mother’s Love

(Natasha, 9, shows love for her mother through this cute poem)

Mother's love

Image Credit: Pixabay User geralt,via CC

You can’t describe the love of a mother,
It’s greater and better than any other.
Yes, it’s true she’s one in a million,
But her love degree is like a billion.
Her love is warm, her love is tender.
She is my ‘ broken heart’ mender.
When I’m in trouble she is my defender.
Or maybe I’m hopeless, she is my saviour.


    • Thankyou very much for the lovely comment. This is the first comment
      I’ve ever received on Kinooze. It encouraged me to write many more poems.

  1. What a beautiful poem!why don’t you write some more cute yet meaningful poems!that would so make your poems popular!
    Please do and anyway keep writing!

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