My Pet Dog

(Shash, 11, writes a loving poem about his pets )

My Pet dog

Image Credit: Pixabay User nemo,via CC

My dog is small,
My dog is cute,
He answers to my call,
And likes to climb my chimney chute,
When he comes down,
I have to give him a bath,
Cos’ he’s usually covered in soot!

His claws are sharp,
His eyes are black,
He chases Dribbles,
Our family cat.

He devours all his food,
Wags his tail,
And barks with glee,
And tries to eat my gerbil,

He runs and runs and runs all day,
And barks and barks all night,
But when he’s asleep,
Don’t disturb him…
He might bite!

My sister likes to dress him up,
Especially when he was a pup,
I love all my pets.


  1. Very very very very very very very GOOOOOOOOOOOOD !keep it up and by the way have you really got these many pets? Well I’ve got 1dog!nice poem anyway!

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