My Twin Brother

(Nya, 11, writes a funny poem about her twin brother.)

My twin brother
Image Credit: Pixabay User nemo,via CC

My brother has very b(r)othersome habits,
And he hates cute, cuddly rabbits.

But when I need help,
He is always there for me.

Though as noisy as a buzzing bee!

He is a hissing snake spying on people,
But as sweet as the syrup of maple!

He has such a loud whisper,
It gets crisper and crisper.

He is a nasty beast,
When he has a charming feast.

And is an erupting volcano,
When he eats a spicy jalapeƱo.

When it comes to cars,
He intends to drive very far!

My brother what a unique wonderful guy!

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