Nelson Mandela in Hospital

Nelson Mandela

Image Credit: Flickr User South Africa The Good News, via CC

South Africa’s beloved leader, Nelson Mandela has been in hospital since almost a week and recovering from a serious bout of Pneumonia. The 94-year-old former South African president, is weak and only allowed to meet his family members.

Fondly known as ‘Madiba’, meaning protector of the world, Nelson Mandela spearheaded the anti-apartheid movement in his country in 1948. Apartheid was a practice in South Africa where people of African race were not treated as equals with the people of other races. He was arrested many times and sent to jail for his protests. In 1962, he was being sentenced to life imprisonment by the government. After spending 27 years in jail, Mandela was finally released in 1990.

For all the sacrifices he has made for his nation, he is held in deep respect within South Africa as the “Father of the Nation.” South Africans throughout the world have been praying for his speedy recovery.

Get well soon Madiba!

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