Oldest Torah Scroll Found


Image Credit: Flickr User Lawrie Cate, via CC

This is exciting news for Jewish people! An 800 year old Torah scroll dating back to 1155 to 1125 has been found stored in the library of University of Bologna, Italy.

Torah, for Jews holds immense religious significance. It consists of five books of Herbrew bible that include all the biblical laws of Judaism, a religion followed by Jews.

The Torah scroll recently found, in fact, always existed in the library but was mistakenly catalogued as a 17th century manuscript by an earlier librarian.

It was not untill 2012, when Mauro Perani, a professor of Hebrew in the University of Bologna, decided to reorganise the Herbrew Manuscripts and realised the mistake. Numerous discussions with his collegues and various carbon dating results confirmed that the sheep skinned scroll indeed belonged to 12th century.


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