Olympics Sport : Basketball

Olympics Basketball

Basket ball probably originated on the streets of North America. Today, it is most popular team sports in the world.The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the world’s leading professional league, with players from across 30 countries.

In Basketball court there is a hoop, more commonly known as basket, on either side of the court. Points are scored by shooting the ball into the opponents net (or basket). The ball is moved on the court either by dribbling/bouncing or by throwing to another team member (This is called passing). A player with the ball may not take more than two steps with the ball without dribbling.

Basketball is a very fast paced game. Player being tall is a big advantage.Some basket ball players are as tall as 7 feet ! But players also need to have speed, strength and stamina. Like any other teamsport, they need to play together as a team.

There are two medal events in basketball in Olympics :One men’s and one women’s event.


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