Passport Lets You Pass Through New Ports.

Passport lets you pass through the ports

You must have heard your parents talking about how important passports are whenever you are planning for a vacation to a different country. To you it must seem like a thin tiny booklet with your picture on it. How can it be so important?

A passport is a document that is given to you by your country, confirming that you are very much a citizen of the country .Passports usually have a person’s picture, signature, date of birth and nationality. Whenever you plan to go out of your country, you have to first take  permission (visa)  from the country you are travelling to.

When you reach your travel country, you need to show your passport and the visa (permission to stay in this country)to the airport officers . They check to see if all the information on the passport is correct and then you are all set to enjoy your vacation.

Passports are also used when you are trying to re-enter your country.

Answer this :

Do you need a passport to travel within your own country?  … No you don’t.



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