The lost people - tribal people

The Lost People

Who are the lost people?  Where are they? How did they get lost?

There are groups of people in faraway and distant lands that are difficult to reach. They still live as the humans were living thousands of years ago. They do not use any kind of  machines to do their work. Such people are also called the aborigines or the tribal people.

These people stay outdoors most of the times and are mostly found in hot places. They can go on long hikes, hunt and fish and cook their food out in the open. Their huts are made of mud. To some their lives can be really interesting as they have no schools, offices or shops. But imagine living your life not being able to watch television, or have ice cream or not get any toys for Christmas. Instead you will be enjoying frogs and snakes for meals:).

Although it might be very difficult to live the way they do, it might be interesting to watch their style of living. It is tough to reach them as they live in the deep forests. They are very suspicious and afraid of  the city people and hide when some outsider approaches. Sometimes they also attack people with bows and arrows.

Some interesting tribes are

Tribes of Africa … Maasai

Tribes of India … Jarawa


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