Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

Did Columbus discover America? No, That’s not right.
But to read what he explored would be a delight.

So let’s read his story that’s full of turns and twists,
Him exploring the world that did not even exist.

The adventure all began in year 1492,
When Columbus set to sail with his crew.

From Spain he started to cross Atlantic,
Hoping to reach Asia and its land gigantic.

He sailed by day; he sailed by night,
All he had was the stars for the light.

The ocean was bigger than shown in map,
It took longer to cross, his men felt trapped.

On October 12 they finally reached land,
Bahamas it was, not India as they planned.

The native Americans were very good,
They gave the sailors spices and food.

Columbus returned safely to Spain,
To share all the knowledge he had gained.

With the quest for Indies still in his heart,
He began a new voyage, made a fresh start.

He never made it to Indies, that is sad,
But explored more of America, Not too bad.

His voyages got Europe and America connected
For that brave Columbus must be respected

Christopher Columbus is one of the greatest explorers,
His voyages have inspired infinite other sailors.

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4 responses to “Christopher Columbus”

  1. Nitin Verma Avatar
    Nitin Verma

    Christopher Columbus (31 October 1451 – 20 May 1506)

    The adventure all began in year 1942,
    When Columbus set to sail with his crew

    should be

    The adventure all began in year 1492,
    When Columbus set to sail with his crew

    I think… :) something between his life span,

  2. kinooze Avatar

    Thanks for pointing out the typo.

  3. Arusha Gomber Avatar
    Arusha Gomber

    Awesome!very creative!how do the cactus plants stay without water for so long?please respond!

  4. Subh Avatar

    Plants need water to survive, which is an idea you’re probably already pretty familiar with. But a cactus is known for being able to live with very, very little water!
    Cactuses (sometimes also called “cacti”) are a type of plant called a “succulent,” and are best known for living in hot, dry places like the desert, where they do not get a lot of water. Cactuses do need some water to survive, but can get along with a lot less than most plants.
    One reason cactuses can get along with less water is because they don’t have leaves, so the water a cactus drinks does not evaporate as much as the water other plants drink. Additionally, cactuses have thick stalks which allow them to store water for a long time and roots that are good at finding and soaking up water even when its scarce!

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