Jarawa Tribe

The Jarawas are the ‘Adivasis‘ or the ‘Tribal people’ of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal. Like any other Tribe, Jarawas are also strongly protective of their peaceful life, live in their own small groups in jungles and do not want any contact with outsiders. Therefore, they are still uncivilized and even in these times live like ancient man.

The Jarawas are short in height,have their own language and only count from one to ten. They have their own rules and punishments. They commonly wear no clothes but only jewellery (armbands, necklaces and waistbands) made of shell and bark. They rely on hunting and fishing for their livelihood.

Though Government of India strictly says to stay away from Jarawas, Some tourists visiting Andaman Islands, disrespect  the Jarawas by making them dance and do other silly tricks for some outside food or gifts.

Can you Guess ??

A very famous tribe of Africa?……… Masaai

A very famous tribe of the Greenland and Arctic region?………..Eskimos

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  1. Tribal clothing Avatar
    Tribal clothing

    The main characteristic for the Jarawa female dress code are the string skirts and the head bands. There are much less information about Jarawa tribe. Thanks for the information shared.

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