( Saksham, 7 year old, writes a funny poem on planets)

nine planets

Image Credit: Flickr User Image Editor, via CC

Planets are in space,
They move on a steady pace.

Venus is the planet that moves clockwise,
Other planets move anti-clockwise.

Mercury is very hot,
Hotter than a cooking pot.

Earth is the third planet from the sun,
It’s warm like a fresh bun.

Mars is fully dried,
Not at all roasted not at all fried.

Jupiter is full of gas,
I don’t know much of what it has.

Saturn is very colourful,
That’s why it’s beautiful.

Uranus is full of ice,
It doesn’t have animals not even mice.

Neptune doesn’t get sun beam,
It’s cold like an ice cream.



  1. Wow what a cute sensible cute imaginative poem!it is a really really good rhyming poem!keep up the good work and by the way keep writing on Kinooze!
    Thanks a lot !
    And please keep writing forever!you’ll surely become a poet if you keep writing such good poems and I’m sure you will,so really good luck and keep it up forever!
    Thanks a lot!!! :) ;) :D

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