Precious Gift

(Kaavya,12, writes a beautiful story)

Image Credit: Pixabay User PublicDomainPictures, via CC

God took a sigh of relief as he had completed the world. But he found one thing missing in his precious gift – his divinity, a spark of his essence, a promise to man of what he could become with his efforts. Here explored his creation and thought that if his precious gift could be easily found, it would never be valued. To take his decision with a conflict free mind, he gathered all his counsellors’ and took suggestions from them. Everyone suggested different place to hide the precious gift like on the peak of mountains, in the depths of Earth, in the middle of the ocean and et al.

But God knew that, after centuries, the technology would hone and the humans would be able to find the precious gift one day. Unsatisfied with the suggestions of his counsellors’ God thought of hiding his precious gift in every human’s heart and each person will be able to find it if they sincerely look deeply in their hearts.



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