Six Hundred

 ( Krish, 7, spins a sweet story about a boy who stood up for his friends )


Image Credit: Flickr User Phyllis, via CC

Once there was a number called 600. The numbers ahead of him teased him a lot. The numbers below him talked politely and helped him with his stuff.

So he always played with the numbers below him. They were his friends.

One day all the numbers from 1 to 1000 went for a picnic.

1 to 600 were in one group. 601 to 899 were in another and 900 to 1000 were in the third.

They all set their picnic mats and ate lunch.

After the lunch the bullies 601 to 1000 started troubling 600 and friends.

They pushed them and kicked their legs. 600 and friends got badly hurt at first.

Then 600 stood up. He said “Don’t you dare trouble the numbers 1 to 599. They are my friends”.

And he sent the bullies 601 to 1000 back to their picnic mat!


  1. Hey,nice story but how did 600 send them away?did he kick them too?or did he push them?
    If he kicked or pushed them ,then IN A WAY didn’t he also bully them?
    But nice story and keep it up

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