Starry Drawings in the Night Sky

Starry Drawings in the Night Sky

If you look at the star filled night sky, it will seem to you like God’s drawing book.There are many group of stars here and there, that form interesting pictures in the sky. Some look like animals and some look like people or even things.

A group of stars that forms some pattern is called a Constellation. Each constellation has a name.

If you hadn’t noticed it ever before, try this. Look up in the sky tonight and try to find some patterns.

If you want, you can look for this one called The Big Dipper. It is shaped like a huge cup with a handle. It’s a group of seven stars.You will have to look towards the North to find it. It looks like this :

The dipper may be upside down or sideways, depending on the season.

Quiz Whiz:

Can you see ¬†constellations in the day? No,¬†you can’t see constellations during the day because the sun’s light is too bright to see star light.


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