The Journey of Blood

(Hiya, 11 year old, weaves a poem about the most important part of our body)

The Journey of blood

Image Credit: Pixabay User OpenClips,via CC

I am a drop of blood
I start my journey
In the bone marrow
I consist of white and red blood cells
And not to forget plasma
I follow my millions of friends and
Go through what you call heart
To the lungs and get filled up with oxygen
Again to the heart and out to the body
Taking nutrients from the intestine
Giving oxygen and nutrients to each cell
On my way back, I take the waste and give it to the kidney
I get purified in the lungs giving carbon dioxide and taking oxygen
Again make my journey in the body
Through the veins, arteries, capillaries, even the arterioles and veniouls
Giving taking all along
I am the greatest of all
I am a drop of blood!


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