The Legend of MentorJi

Samurai mentorji

Image Credit: Pixabay User WikiImages,via CC

( This action story is written by nine year old Aditya)

Once upon a time a person named Mentor Ji was a Samurai master.

He was very clever.

Jayden, Mia, Emily, Antonio, Kevin and Mike were his Samurais. They would fight for anything. One day their emergency alarm rang – Tiooo, Tiooo.

They went to Clain center. Samurai forever, they shouted. Soon came a hungry dragon. They screamed you hungry monster getaway. The dragon roared. They got angry. They took out spinsword and said ,”Aah!!! Megapower”. They smashed but unfortunately they lost. They called Mentor Ji.

They needed some help. Mentor Ji gave him Ultrapower but he lost. He did ha-slice. The dragon got extra angry.

The dragon wanted to do something. He blew fire on them. Mentor Ji was not going to give up.

He finally slashed with Shougan blade and the dragon died.

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