The Selfish Dog!

(A story with a strong message written by nine year old Aditya)

dogs in street

Image Credit: Flickr User Nelson Minar, via CC

Once in a town there was a man who had a pet dog. The man was very kind and polite to everyone. He took good care of the dog and gave him proper amount of food. The dog grew taller and became stronger. As he became stronger and stronger he thought, he was the strongest in the world. He thought he was the best. He used to play pranks on other dogs an thought non one could beat him. If he hurt them and they needed help, he would just run away.

He started to trouble the other dogs in the neighbourhood. The other dogs were very unhappy because of the selfish dog. So, they called for a meeting. After discussing for a long time, they finally found a solution to the problem. They thought they will teach him a lesson. Next evening the selfish dog came out as usual. He did not know the two dogs were hiding in the bushes.

They held a rope in their hands. When the selfish dog came, he tripped over the rope and fell down and got hurt. He regretted his mistake. He apologised to the other dogs. The other dogs readily forgave him. Then onwards they used to play together every day.


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