The Shrinking Everest!

Mount Everest Melting

Image Credit: Flickr User watchsmart, via CC

World’s tallest mountain Mt. Everest is losing its height and you can blame global warming for that. It has lost a lot of snow cover since 1963, the ice is melting because of higher temperatures.

There was  a report in 2012 that the glaciers are melting was established by the research of Yao Tandong. Mr. Tandong is a glaciologist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Tibetan Research in Beijing, and his colleagues. They studied the data that was collected for 30 years based on satellite and field measurements.

Now there is new research presented by Sudeep Thakuri of the Graduate School of Earth, Environment and Biodiversity at the University of Milan in Italy during a conference co-sponsored by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in Cancun, Mexico. This report claims glaciers have shrunk by 13% in last 50 years.

If this continues, could Everest lose its crowned status of the world’s tallest peak?


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