The Sky At Night

An imaginative Poem by our young reader Arusha who is eight years old.

The sky at night

The sky is dark,
But there is light in the park !
Guess how did the light come?
It has come from the moon
It hides when it is noon,
To leave the sun to croon!
One night out comes the moon,
And says it came out too soon,
So there it stayed all night long,
Singing a lovely song,
“I am the pretty moon
And I have come out too soon
Without me
You won’t see
A tiny speck of light
Night after night”
Out came the sun,
Leaving moon alone
Now moon is gone,
Leaving us alone.


  1. Great poem! :) You have used amazing rhyming words and vocabulary. I love it.
    Very Imaginative ;)
    Keep sending great poems

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