The Sun and The Sky

(This delightful story is penned by our young reader Rhea who is seven years old)

Once upon a time a little girl Jen was walking in her garden when she heard rumbling noise behind her. She turned around to see that the sky had turned yellow. She could not believe her eyes. Still gazing at the strangest thing she had ever seen in her life she heard some loud noise also. Much to her wonder, the sun and the sky were arguing. The sky was yellow,  and it was blaming the sun for that.

The yellow sky

“Why did you turn me yellow?”,  Roared the sky.

“Stop lying!”, said the sun. “I had nothing to do with turning you yellow mister.”

” No, you are yellow, and you love that colour. I am sure you did it.”, Bellowed the sky.

The little girl became terribly sad. She loved bright yellow sun shining in pleasant blue sky like every day. She did not know what to do until she got an idea. That night, she got light blue paint and quietly painted the sky to its original colour. BUT! what she did not realize was that, in the darkness of the night, she had painted both blue.

Sky painted blue

Next morning as soon as she woke up, she excitedly looked out of the window. Much to her dismay, she heard the sun and the sky fighting again. At first she could not understand why. But soon she realized that the blue sun was now blaming the sky for its changed appearance.

What a blunder! the girl thought to herself. Determined to have original sun and sky back, that night she painted the sun yellow again. This time it was just the Sun. This time she made no mistake.

The Sun and the Sky

In the morning, sun and the sky were in their original colors, and they both became friends again.



  1. Coming events cast their shadows, Rhea you are an amazing writer just like your mother. like mother like daughter Good job!

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