The Talking Pencils

( Krish, 8, spins a story about a boy and his friends who had found a box of talking pencils )


Image Credit: Pixabay user weinstock, via CC

Once upon a time there was a boy called Aryan. He was obsessed with pencils. During his summer vacation Aryan bought a brand new box of pencils from his nearby store, it was called the ATF store.

One day, suddenly, the pencils started talking to Aryan. He got very excited! He thought that he was the only person in the world who had talking pencils.

But he was wrong.

Aryan did not know that the ATF store had started selling more boxes of talking pencils. And all the people in the town had started using talking pencils.

One evening Aryan went out to play with Ralph. Ralph told him, “Hey, I have a new box of BACTROF pencils, and these pencils can talk”. Aryan was really surprised. He asked his friend, “From where did you get those”. Ralph told him, “Nowadays we get it from the ATF store.”

Aryan said “Even I have a box of talking pencils. Shall we have a talking pencil fight?” Ralph said, “OK”. He informed the rest of the gang about the fight on the weekend.

On the day of the fight the rest of the gang arrived a little late. But Ralph and Aryan were ready. They all had the ultimate battle.

Aryan won in the epic battle. He beat his friend Ralph in the finals. They all lifted Aryan up.

After a few weeks the school reopened. They had to study all day, and couldn’t get much time to play. Then, Ralph got an idea. He ordered all the talking pencils to write automatically and complete their homework. The talking pencils agreed to do it. Life became easier for Ralph and the rest of the gang.

But, one day the pencils stopped working for them. They thought, “Why?”

After a few days they got to know. That they should always take pains and work hard so they can learn by writing the homework themselves.


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