The Wonderful World

(Eight year old Sneha imagines a wonderful world.)

The wonderful world

Image Credit: Pixabay User geralt,via CC

The sky is blue
The plants are green
The nature is good
The environment is clean
The trees are full of life
The humans are happy
The women are chatting
The men are working hard
The children are playing
The animals are friendly
The world is joyful
The Gods are relieved, playing hide and seek
We are always ready to help
And be good people of the world
Come on
Join us
And have fun with us
Living in this world is awesome!!!


  1. Awesome though can I give you a tip please?just try to make it a bit more rhyming OK so that it’s more like a poem than a song!but it was AWESOME SO KEEP IT UP FOREVEREVEREVEREVEREVER OKAY!

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