(Ritam, 9, writes an informative article about tigers)


Image Credit: Flickr User catlovers, via CC

Hi, there! If you have read my story: Jack and the Tigers (which is on Kinooze by the way), you would know that I like tigers. That is why I am… writing…a…report about them.

WHERE DO THEY LIVE? Tigers live in Asia. If you want me to be clearer, tigers live in India, Pakistan and the upper region of Asia. Most dad tigers live alone. However, some dad tigers stay with the mama tigers when they are about to have babies and leave when the babies get born.

WHAT DO THEY EAT? Tigers are carnivorous. They normally eat deer, antelope, etc. However, there are two exceptions a) Whenever a tiger gets old or sick, they hunt us because they think we are easy to catch. Once they taste human blood, they can’t get enough. The other times when a mama tiger is protecting her babies, she doesn’t hesitate to kill!

WHAT DO THEY LOOK LIKE? Most tigers are orange with black stripes, but the rare white tiger is WHITE with black stripes! All tigers have a different stripe pattern.

HOW BIG IS A TIGER? Tigers come in all different sizes from Sumatran tiger to Bengal tiger so it would be impossible to list all the heights and weights on 1 page! Even if I did, there wouldn’t be any more space for any information!

THE BIG/SMALL MYSTERY! It’s no mystery how this species is endangered. PEOPLE! People hunt tigers for their skin. Some humans hunt tigers as well as crocodiles and sharks for fun!


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