( Kaavya, 12 year old, writes an interesting article on the weather)


Image Credit: Flickr User GreyHobbit, via CC

The grueling heat and further anticipations were reversed with dust storm and rain that Delhi and NCR witnessed recently.

As I sat witnessing the lightning and thunder, I pondered over the repercussions of the intense  storm. How it  must have eventually dislocated many seeds; leaves, fruits, trees et al.

The flying paper plates, polythene bags landed me in a profound thought. Then my mind wavered on the plight of people returning home in such poor visibility.

Traffic snarls and outages are pretty rampant at such times. Dust from the road and never ending constructions pervaded every nook and corner. There was dust everywhere. Every building be it houses or eating joints or else which was an alarm for health.

All of us prayed for the little heavenly drops from the sky. It poured. With rain shower everything got settled, the dust and heat.

The next day was calm and more pleasant.


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