What are Volcanoes?

What are Volcanoes?

Before we talk about Volcanoes, let us talk about a fun activity you can do easily at home. Try doing this if you have not done already! Take a coke bottle, shake the bottle a bit and then open the bottle. What happens? The bottle goes pop, all the bubbly soda mixed with gas gushes out like a fountain. Whoa! that is fun.

Something similar happens inside Volcanoes. In a Volcano melted gas and rock are mixed up together. Although the gas in coke is entirely different from the gas in Volcano. The hard rock that surrounds the melted rock and gas keeps pressing into the melted rock. This melted rock and gas tries to come closer to the surface of the Earth. Now if there is a crack somewhere on the surface the gas fizzes out taking some of hot melted rock also with it (known as lava). And we have our volcano.

There are three different types of volcanoes –  active, dormant or extinct. An active volcano is the one that erupts all the time, that is why nobody lives around it. Dormant ones stay quiet for a long time and then erupt suddenly one day. An extinct volcano is a volcano that has not erupted for thousands of years and will stay that way.

Tell me this:

A bottle of Coke is like a Volcano Or a Volcano is like a bottle of Coke?


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