What If?

Another post by Rhea, who is only seven years of age, but how come she is as wise as a sage?

What if

Image Credit: Flickr User Philippe Put, via CC

What if keys did not open locks,
What if time did not follow clocks.

What if fishes were tiles,
What if inches were miles.

What if honey made bees,
What if we bathed in seas.

What if flowers stink,
What if our hair was pink.

What if toys camped,
What if snakes stamped.

What if libraries were stories,
What if fishes were nories.

What if trees had candy,
What if beaches were not so sandy.

What if cupboards were living,
What if waters were shivering.

What if I turned blue,
What if everyone else stuck to glue!!


  1. Like like like!!! super likes Rhea!!I wish u wrote this poem little earlier.. i would have sang this for poem competition!!!

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