Where did You Get This From?

(Ample of twists and turns in another fun story written by our eight year old little writer Mihika.)

Image Credit: Flickr User Ian Muttoo, via CC

One day Gordon went to a big toy store called Toys r us and bought a very cute rabbit stuff toy. The next day Gordon’s neighbour Mrs. Wilson came to meet him and brought juicy carrots. Suddenly the stuffed rabbit toy came and started eating the carrots. It looked like an actual rabbit!

Mrs. Wilson was shocked, so she asked Gordon, “where did you get this from?”

Gordon said, “I got this rabbit from the Toys r us store”. Mrs. Wilson ran to the Toys r us store and bought an actual parrot.

On Tuesday Gordon’s best friend, Vivan came, and he had got cute dresses for Gordon’s dolls. Gordon collected dolls. The rabbit came running and wore one dress.

Vivan was shocked. “Where did you get this from?”, He asked.

Gordon said, “I got this from Toys r us store.” Vivan drove to the Toys r us store and bought an actual cat.

At Gordon’s birthday, his mother Erica had got a carrot cake for him. The rabbit came running again and ate the carrot cake.

“Where did you get this from?”, Erica asked.

“I got this from the Toys r us store”, said Gordon. Erica hopped to the store and bought a turtle.

When Gordon was going to the mall, he met his father Ayush. Ayush gifted bubble gums to Gordon. Gordon had his rabbit with him. The rabbit pushed Gordon and gobbled up the bubble gums.

“Where did you get this from?”, Ayush said. Gordon said, “I bought this from the Toys r us store”. Ayush walked to the store and got two zebras.

The next day Mrs. Wilson came and told Gordon to take her parrot away from her house. “It’s entirely your fault. I saw your rabbit and bought my pet”, she said. After one hour, Vivan came and said the same thing. At 7: 00 o clock Erica came and said the same thing. At dinner time, his father came and said the same thing.

The next morning Gordon went to the Wilson lane, where Mrs. Wilson lived. Gordon rang the bell and the parrot came and sat into Gordon’s trolley. Next he went to Vivian’s colony, and he rang the bell. He used the carrot which Mrs. Wilson had given him to lure the cat, and the cat also came into his trolley. Then he went to Erica’s colony and then back to his home.

He took the pets in his trolley and went to the Toys r us store and returned all the pets to the shop.

He was now happy and ready to run around with his own rabbit because he never returned the rabbit.


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