Who Saved The New Year?

(This thrilling story is written by our young reader Arusha, who is eight years old)

It was New Year Eve

It was New Year eve and Flora was excited. She turned on the television to see some headlines. But she was shocked to see what was on. On the television it was flashing ‘Aliens Conquering earth, world will be finished tomorrow ‘. Flora then saw that they were first attacking Washington DC that was where she stayed. She thought she would be crushed.

A UFO landed in the garden

The next day she wondered whether the news channel was right or not. Then she saw a space ship and got so scared that she screamed for all she was worth. Her mother was startled and came out. The spaceship landed in her garden and who should come out but a green alien.

A green alien came out of the spaceship

Her mom crept behind a pillar, but Flora tried to be bold and said “You have no rights to conquer earth. The alien laughed and came to take her. Then her dog Goldie came out to see what all the commotion was about. Goldie did not like if some one troubled Flora and so it came near the alien and started barking so loudly that the alien ran away still holding Flora. Goldie ran to the alien again and bit his hand. The alien left Flora and got into the space ship and flew back to space.

Goldie scared away the aliens

People were surprised that no aliens troubled then and were happy. They enjoyed the new year. The aliens never came thinking that there would be more dogs. So if, anyone asks you who saved New Year and Earth, just say Goldie the Dog.


  1. Thanks!i’m glad you liked it.i’ll try and write a whole series,then you could read the new adventures too. :) ;) :) ;)

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