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Sibling rivalry

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Being a mother of two it is quite a challenge sometimes to stop the wars between the two siblings. My older daughter once got so upset that she wanted to return her two-year brother to the baby shop where we got him from ;). She said she was “sick and tired” of him touching her things and wanted a new “baby sister” instead. Sometimes the cute fights can really become ugly and might eventually lead to what we call a “sibling rivalry”. Here is how to make them love and not hate each other –

  • Be fair – Things will really get out of control if a child thinks that you are playing favorites. So be fair in your judgements.
  • Set this rule – Your kids should know that they cannot be mean to each other, that is simply not an option.
  • Common ground  – Find common activities that your kids love to do. Find plenty of those.
  • Leave them alone – There is no need to mediate their fights all the time, sometimes if you just  ignore the fights long enough they patch up on their own.
  • Make them take a break – Sometimes it is crucial for them to spend some time away from each other to realize how important they are for each other.


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  1. My kids have a 7 yr gap where the younger one is a yr old. Haven’t faced this problem until now, but will keep these tips in mind when they grow up.:)

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