(There is so much to associate with any colour! 10 year old zeal explores just that in her poem.)


Image Credit: Flickr User Il conte di Luna, via CC


The bright rise of sun,
Mommy’s beautiful dress,
Grandma’s star-shaped bun.
The sound of power,
The stroke of sunflowers,
Twinkling birds.
The taste of pride,
A splash of sunlight,
Momma’s raspberry pie.
The feeling of a perfect holiday,
Yummy custard on a sunny day,
Orange juice poured in a glass.
Yellow can brighten up your world.


  1. Awesome!This is an amazing poem!please write more poems and stories,I loved it!
    Good luck for your next stories and poems!

  2. Very nice poem zeal!keep writing many more cool poems and stories.i’ve never read such a good poem before!fabulous!keep writing,:) + :) = :D

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