5 year Old Boy,Mistaken for A Spy…

Sometimes innocent people accidentally enter into the another country, and are mistaken for being Spies or Agents. Because of this misunderstanding , they are severely punished. They are mostly put in jail for days, months or sometimes even years.

One such incident happened with a 5 yr old boy Ariful Sheikh,who lived with his family in West Bengal. Now Bengal in India is very close to another country named Bangladesh.
One day, this Indian boy along with his grandparents, by mistake entered Bangladesh. They were caught by the Bangladeshi police and put in prison for trespassing ( walking on someone else’s property without permission).

Indian government had to convince  Bangladeshi goverment that they were innocent people. Thus, almost after spending an year in jail, Ariful Sheikh and his granparents returned home on April 29, 2012.

Kind of sad, isn’t it?

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