Amazon.In India, the world’s largest online shopping site has finally opened up an online market in India at the website Amazon believes that this new site will be very successful in India. The site is actually a market since it allows companies to open little shops inside the site, online, where they can sell their products to the general public visiting the site.

At first will allow sellers to sell books, movies and TV-show videos and expand later on to electronics, like mobile phones and cameras.

Amazon had earlier launched the website in India that used to only compare prices of products offered by multiple sellers and find good deals for the users. is more improved form of, since now after comparing prices users can also buy the product directly at Amazon’s site and also get it delivered by Amazon on behalf of the seller.

Amazon as a company is older than Google, and also competes a bit with Google. For example if you go to Google to search for the history of television you would usually go to Amazon’s website to search for all the modern television features and their prices.

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