Chimpanzee Frenzy, Photocredit: The Telegraph

Chimpanzee Frenzy

Five chimpanzees ran freely around Hanover Zoo after they escaped their enclosure. Hanover Zoo is located in the city centre of Hanover, Germany and is visited frequently by local residents. A few days ago, the visitors were taken by surprise when they had a close encounter with chimpanzees that had escaped out of their enclosures by using branches as makeshift ladders. That’s so smart !!!

Immediately, the zoo officials started the search for the animals using stunguns. Stunguns are shot at the animals to make them unconscious for a few minutes in case of some emergency.  All the chimpanzees were later spotted inside the zoo and were made to return to their enclosure safely by the zoo officials.

An eye witness said that “Nobody saw anything, only the loud screaming from the chimps came through the bushes so it was frightening and everyone on the way stopped walking and was looking around with open mouths.A few seconds later one chimp came around the corner – he was very relaxed and walked up to a man and gave him a hug. ” The Telegraph reported.

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